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Your massage in Zurich

Discover our relaxing massages

Experience an extraordinary massage at Asia-Relax in Zurich. You can combine all of our massages with our extras: facial massage, herbal stamp massage and hot stone massage.

Chinese massage

Chinese Massage is a treatment known since many hundred years, like Thai Massage. Choose a chinese relaxation massage if you prefer a strong grip and intensive pressure combined with a oil-massage. The traditional chinese technics intend to harmonize Yin and Yang and therefore promote health and inner peace. The treatment of the pressure points and the meridians aims to let the Chi (the energy) flow freely again.
from CHF 125

Bali massage

The Bali massage from Asia-Relax Zurich is a classic feel-good massage that you too can relax with ease! In a combination of strokes, kneading and gentle pressure point massage, this Balinese oil massage stimulates your muscles. The Bali massage produces deep relaxation - body and mind find new harmony. According to the Balinese spa tradition, which uses fragrances and aromatic spices, a warm aroma massage oil of your choice is applied.
from CHF 125

Ayurveda abhyanga massage

Ayurveda Abhyanga Massage is a full body massage using a warm massage oil of your choice. This ayurvedic massage is carried out with steady fluent hand movement. It is a smooth and relaxing wellness massage. The complex cycles of movement with soft flushing and delicate circling have a balancing effect. They reduce stress and bring new energy. Abhyanga is one of the oldest treatments in Ayurveda.
from CHF 125

Foot massage

Foot massages have been around for hundreds of years and span many cultures. They have been widely used to improve health and to relax the body. Since your feet work hard for you every day, foot massages are a great way to improve blood circulation, relieve tension, stimulate muscles and often ease pain.
from CHF 125

Anti-Aging Face Massage, Mask & Peeling

Let your face be pampered the Asian way! The facial treatment includes a facial cleansing and peeling , as well as a facial mask and a soothing facial massage with organic cream. Regular facial massages prevent wrinkles, naturally tighten facial skin and make it look younger.
CHF 145

Asia-Relax Signature Full Body Massage

Asia-Relax offers Part Body Massage like Foot Massage, Back Massage, Neck Massage or Head Massage as well as Full Body Massage. A part body massage of our experienced staff helps efficiently to release the specific tension you feel, considering the connection with the body physique and the flow of energy. Enjoy this relaxing and soothing massage for 60 to 120 minutes. Your general well-being will improve appreciably. Your therapist will be glad to advise you which massage helps you best. Our full body massage and part body massage are oil massages which uses high quality aroma massage oil.
from CHF 125

Couples Massage: Massage for Two

Couples Massage of Asia-Relax Zurich is an offer especially for couples and friends. This wellness experience with your partner brings harmony and well-being. The friendly and warm athmosphere of Asia-Relax lets you let go and being spoiled. An ideal activity for common free hours which comforts body and soul.
ab CHF 250

Pregnancy Massage

A gentle and relaxing pregnancy massage that relieves muscle tension and pain. It reduces stress, headaches and sleep disorders. Furthermore, it helps to reduce water retention and swelling of the legs and promotes a general feeling of well-being. Pamper yourself and with it your baby. The massage can only be booked from the 4th month of pregnancy. During a pregnancy massage, the masseur pays special attention to the wishes and problems of the pregnant woman and treats her with feeling and empathy. For example, our masseurs make sure that the pregnant woman can lie comfortably on her side or on her back, depending on her condition or preferences. If desired, the position can of course be changed at any time.
from CHF 125

Sportsmassage by Guoan

The Sports Massage of Asia-Relax Zurich is a specific offer for the many sportive persons among our clients. It aims to treat the hardening and tension which occur as a result of the biomechanical stress of sports and it also helps in case of sore muscles. Guoan Chen, our Asia-Relax specialist for Sports Massage, applies different asian massage techniques to stimulate your bloodstream and to relax your muscles and body tissue. A mix of acupressure and effectual grips combined with an Oil Massage does your body good. Within short time you will feel better and sense – this Sports Massage brings you back to your old bestform! Please note that our Asia-Relax Sports Massage by Guoan Chen is offered mondays and saturdays only.
from CHF 125

Traditional thai massage

Mit der authentischen Thai Massage von Asia-Relax Zürich wählen Sie eine ganzheitliche Behandlungsmethode, welche mittels einer lange überlieferten Technik die Energiebalance im Körper wieder herstellt. Mit Dehnungen, Drucktechnik und speziellen Griffen werden Ihre Verspannungen und Verhärtungen gelöst und der Kreislauf und Stoffwechsel angeregt. Eine Thai Massage lockert Ihren gesamten Bewegungsapparat. Die traditionelle Thai Massage, dem Ayurveda und Yoga verwandt, wirkt auf Energiebahnen und Akupressurpunkte. Die Massage erfolgt auf einer Bodenmatte, wobei die behandelte Person leichte, bequeme Kleidung trägt (die für Sie bereit gehalten wird). Es wird kein Massage-Öl aufgetragen.
from CHF 125

If you want something more

Our packages

Whether alone or together as a couple, book one of our packages and experience an unforgettable stay with us.

Lampuun (75 Min.)

Ayurveda Abhyanga massage (60 min.), foot peeling (15 min.)

Our foot bath ceremony cleans and scrubs your feet and removes the dry skin. The massage is a joy for your body and mind: the right thing to do if you feel stress or tension. After 60 minutes you will feel relaxed and free like after a short vacation in India.
CHF 160

Chaba (90 Min.)

Thai massage (60 min), foot massage (25 min), ritual foot bath (5 min)

The "Chaba" massage package is like a relaxing short trip to Thailand. This exclusive offer combines the relaxing elements of a ritual footbath, an intense traditional Thai massage and a soothing foot massage. Each element of this package is carefully selected to provide you with an unforgettable massage experience that will relax your body and soul and make you forget the worries of everyday life.
CHF 195

Dalah (120 Min.)

Balinese massage (75 min.), anti-aging facial massage (30 min.), foot massage (15 min.)

Enjoy a relaxing Balinese massage with this package. The associated foot massage is a treat for your feet, which you - the willing workers that you are - should treat yourself to a rest and a short vacation! The facial massage tightens your skin, fights wrinkles and rejuvenates your appearance.
CHF 255

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Please notice, that you have to book the couples massage twice. Please select two massages that you want and two therapists. The following price of the couple massage is only for one person.

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