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Asia-Relax is the first massage boutique in Zurich. We offer you professional and authentic asian massages. With our versatile range of massages we strive to meet all customer requirements in the areas of Asian wellness, beauty and beauty care to fulfil. Our massage boutique also stands for the special atmosphere in our friendly and cosy studio where you will be attentively cared for and can feel completely at ease.


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About Asia-Relax

At Asia-Relax you will find various massage offers where you can relax and switch off. Recharge your energy and start again with new motivation in your everyday life.

Beneficial and revitalizing

Enjoy the relaxing wellness massages at Asia-Relax in Zurich.

Our team and the unique ambience of our massage studio will take you on a short trip to Asia! Our goal is to give you a feeling of complete relaxation while pampering all your senses.

Chinese massage

Chinese Massage is a treatment known since many hundred years, like Thai Massage. Choose a chinese relaxation massage if you prefer a strong grip and intensive pressure combined with a oil-massage.
from CHF 125

Bali massage

The Bali massage from Asia-Relax Zurich is a classic feel-good massage that you too can relax with ease! In a combination of strokes, kneading and gentle pressure point massage, this Balinese oil massage stimulates your muscles.
from CHF 125

Ayurveda abhyanga massage

Ayurveda Abhyanga Massage is a full body massage using a warm massage oil of your choice. This ayurvedic massage is carried out with steady fluent hand movement.
from CHF 125

Foot massage

Because your feet work hard for you every day, our foot massages are a great way to improve blood circulation, relieve tension, stimulate muscles and often ease pain.
from CHF 125

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Please notice, that you have to book the couples massage twice. Please select two massages that you want and two therapists. The following price of the couple massage is only for one person.
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